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McGing Advisory & Actuarial provides a wide range of advice and services across a range of industries as per the tables below. We would be pleased to discuss your organisation’s ambitions and issues in depth on a no obligation basis to see where we can help.

Sean’s personal dedication and commitment to your issues will be evident in his calm, listening, supportive style. Executive, C-suite and Board personalised advice – working with you, for you.

In what areas can we help you?

Service Area Industries & divisions covered

Superannuation & wealth management

Some of our skills and knowledge is technical and specialist to the superannuation, life insurance and wealth management areas. Other elements are widely applicable across wider financial services.

  • Superannuation – defined contribution and defined benefit
  • Retirement income
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • General insurance – ‘short tail’
  • Banking – calculations checks

Enterprise risk management (ERM)

Most of our skills and knowledge in the management of risk across an enterprise is widely applicable across all industries, and is combined with specialist subject matter expertise from our people and from associate consultants with additional expertise in those industries.

  • Superannuation funds & trustees
  • Retail funds (Wealth management)
  • Life insurers
  • Health insurers
  • Finance companies
  • Asset managers
  • Education organisations – schools, universities
  • Not for profits & charities
  • Utilities
  • Healthcare organisations


Advice to Boards/Councils etc on risk, governance, decision making, investments, performance, financial assessments.

  • All industries
  • For profit and not for profit
  • Large, medium and small organisations
  • Private, public and listed

Actuarial consulting

Solutions to questions involving some or all of probability / uncertainty, future decisions, demographics, time, value, money.

  • All financial services other than general insurance ‘long tail’
  • All industries requiring modelling and/or projections of future financial, demographic or utility / qualitative outcomes.

How can we help you?

Examples of specific services we can provide are listed below within each service area. With our long and varied experience, we can address most client issues no matter how complicated, critical or time constrained they may be. Contact us.

Superannuation & wealth management

  • Implementation of regulatory change e.g. APRA standards
  • Independent, external peer review for senior executives
  • Unit pricing and crediting rates – review, processes, remediation
  • Insurance expertise – group and individual – product and administration
  • Strategic assessments, mergers & acquisitions – analysis & advice
  • Project oversight / liaison / management
  • Administration / operations – processes, controls, systems, compliance
  • Matters concerning member equity
  • Sales and distribution analysis
  • Entity providing financial advice – intra fund, wider financial planning
  • Defined benefit superannuation
  • Operational risks – identification, risk management, reserving calculations, equity and funding
  • Fund / entity financial condition assessments
  • Data integrity issues and investigations
  • MySuper and Superstream support
  • Member/policyholder record / account calculations and benefit checks

Enterprise risk management (ERM)

  • Holistic, integrated organisation wide risk assessments
  • Seminars, workshops, training programs
  • Implementation of change programs
  • Support for Board and CEO
  • Risk culture surveys, audits and assessments
  • We supply and implement using Risk Management software ( by InConsult).
  • We help organisations measure and improve their risk culture using our benchmarked tools.


  • Professional development of Board members – Risk, leadership, governance, financials
  • Board performance reviews
  • Independent, external perspective, personal support for Chair and CEOs
  • Non executive director role (Sean)
  • Advisory committee role – investment, risk, audit, finance (Sean)

Actuarial consulting

  • Product design, development and management
  • Modelling and financial projections
  • Defined benefit superannuation valuations and assessments
  • Experience investigations
  • Problem solving – objective, quantitative & qualitative
  • Life risk insurance, longevity/mortality, demographics
  • Matters concerning member equity

Asset/Investment consulting

  • Asset allocation advice
  • Investment governance
  • Investment policy statement
  • Investment committee membership
  • Performance review

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