Achievements in a time of adversity

Achievements in a time of adversity

Recent achievements we’re proud of include transferring of superannuation members to better arrangements, safeguarding the interests of friendly society policyholders at a time of historically low interest rates and ensuring the integrity of unit pricing processes so member value and distributions are accurate.

Spring into Spring at McGing

What have we been up to at McGing for the last few months?

We have been helping funds with getting through the ups and downs of investment markets, managing liquidity, the valuation of unlisted assets and looking at final year end crediting rates.

The secret is in the design

SEAN MCGING says the super system must be redesigned to take theonus off members to engage, but still deliver them the best possible retirement outcomes.

Culture change

APRA sees the culture of superannuation funds as critically important to the protection of members, sound prudential management and industry financial stability. SEAN MCGING reviews why this view is becoming stronger and how culture should be a constant priority for leaders.

McGing profile: Daniel Bartlett

Daniel is the most recent addition to our team of next generation actuarial specialists at McGing. A former mathematics teacher and graduate in the Master of Actuarial Studies Degree, Daniel brings his enthusiasm and determination to his work as he strives to be an expert in everything actuarial and consulting.