Why being friendly is part of our heritage

In today’s modern world – and particularly in a post-pandemic environment – it’s no surprise to anyone the challenges faced by financial services operators are heightened. If you look in particular at the challenges facing the superannuation sector and then turn to our friendly society colleagues, you can see significant similarities.

McGing profile: Rebecca Ting

Rebecca Ting is a consultant with a difference. Apart from her love of spreadsheets and modelling, she has a street-smart approach to what the numbers really mean. Mixing reason with predictive analysis has delivered impressive outcomes for her global actuarial and entrepreneurial career to date.

Post-retirement in a post COVID-19 world

A holistic approach for better outcomes

While no one was ready for COVID-19, it has highlighted what a strong post-retirement framework should look like. SEAN MCGING explores some of the current lessons to help the superannuation industry to better support members in the future to provide the best possible retirement outcomes.

Superannuation’s opportunity to shine

The impact of COVID-19 on Australia’s economy and communities is extraordinary. The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs states this is a “much more than a health crisis. It is a human, economic and social crisis. The coronavirus disease (COVID-19), ….is attacking societies at their core”.