What advice benefits can a consulting actuary provide to you?

When engaged by clients, consulting actuaries don’t have competing priorities, nor do they have a lack of bandwidth – they are the bandwidth. They aren’t part of BAU, or transformation projects and don’t have to worry about headcount challenges – they are the headcount.

Three things COVID-19 has taught me

COVID-19 has forced a profound change in the working environment for many businesses. This has indeed been my experience at McGing Advisory & Actuarial. Particularly, COVID-19 from a worker perspective has forced us to become greater wielders of technology, as we find new ways to organise workflows, communicate with clients and provide quality service to them.

How 2020 has challenged leadership

COVID-19 has been the single all encompassing internal and external driver for organisations. It has changed the focus of leaders and exposed good and bad leadership – not unlike Warren Buffet’s investment mantra that “only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked”!