The hunt for yield

The hunt for yield will now be greater than ever before. However it’s important to understand how to invest and make sure you know what you are investing in.

Neekhil Shah shares his insights on what you can consider in order to achieve a higher yield.

McGing Profile: Jason Jiao

With a strong belief in the importance of protecting people and organisations from catastrophic financial disaster, Jason Jiao believes the role of the actuary is more relevant than ever. Now as a member of the McGing Analyst team, Jason is applying his actuarial nous and experience to a range of projects for Australian super funds and insurance companies.

McGing Profile: Bob Shipway

A love of maths and translating complex problems into easy to understand solutions is delivering benefits for Bob Shipway. As an Analyst with McGing, Bob has found a career in actuarial consulting that he loves and finds challenging on a daily basis.

Seasons Greetings

When I look back on 2019, I characterise it as the year the penny well and truly dropped for the financial services industry. This was the realisation that the practice of not having the customer absolutely at the heart of things is part of a bygone era. I believe that 2019 is when the era of the customer has really begun.

How teaching yoga has made me a better actuary

Here McGing’s own Neekhil Shah shares how he relates to yoga on many levels – culturally, spiritually and also interestingly from a career perspective. As a fully qualified yoga instructor, he has built a new set of skills that have become invariably handy in two main areas of his life – being a parent and being a successful actuarial consultant.

The Top 4 Drivers of Organisational Culture

Organisational change

The industry has done well for members in many super funds delivering strong long term net returns. However, it has failed other members through poorly performing funds, administrative delays or inappropriate insurance. It’s time the superannuation industry grasped the challenge […]