The future outlook of retirement for all Australians

Australia is facing a retirement adequacy dilemma of tsunami proportions with 22% of the population predicted to be over the age of 65 by 2057. Find out more about what Sean McGing contributed to the panel discussion on the future outlook of retirement.

McGing Profile: Neekhil Shah

Neekhil Shah: Profile

With a fascination for numbers and a love of problem solving, it was a natural match when Neekhil Shah joined the fascinating world of actuarial science. Here we explore how he brings everything to his role as Principal to boutique consultancy, McGing Advisory & Actuarial.

Setting the Tone at the Top


ASIC’s organisational psychologist is observing Australia’s high profile boardrooms. Find out why we think this is a turning point for ethics and risk.

McGing Profile: Sean McGing

Sean McGing has combined a career long love of actuarial science and business technology with an overriding drive to always be of service. Today as principal and founder of boutique consultancy McGing Advisory & Actuarial, Sean explains how his insights […]